create, design, and inspire

Three words I always want to live by. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to create. As I child I crafted, painted, turned everyday objects into art, and constantly made outfits for my barbies from whatever I could find. My world was filled with inspiration. My grandma painted wonderful oil landscapes, drew portraits, and played music by ear from at least three different instruments. My Grandfather was a true innovator, skilled welder, (who just so happens to have a few things on the moon), and a successful small business owner. My mother has this wonderful talent of placing anything together and making it beautiful as a whole, cut and sculpted hair, and sewed from when she was a child.They constantly surrounded themselves in every art form imaginable, whether they were aware of it or not. My design aesthetic has blossomed from those around me one can say it runs through my veins. They have encouraged, supported, and invested into my future. I now realize as I look back how these elements together have shaped me and built me to create, design, and inspire in all that I do.

Through my posts, pictures, and creations I hope to keep encouraging myself and others to do the same.


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