Modern Meets Vintage

Two words I love are modern and vintage. It’s two things I strive to bring into all the work I do. I love research, history, telling a story, and being able to bring it to life in a garment.
This collection was inspired by all the things that surround me in my life with a touch of storytelling to produce an eclectic collection.
There is the part of me that drifts off and day dreams about fairy-tales full of Kings and Queens. Then it is soon interrupted with harsh reality of sewing for 12 hours straight, getting kids from school, making dinner, and taking care of the animals only to go to bed that night knowing you will wake up in 5 hours to do it all over again (but worth every bit of it to bring your fantasy to reality).
I have put sweat, tears, and my heart into this collection. I am truly proud of myself for bringing it to life and being able to share it.
Here is to many more to come, Cheers.






Special thanks to:
Photography by Nick Fancher

Make-up and Hair by Leigh Ann Ehmann

Model Danielle Dikeman of Heyman Talent


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