About tinamarie511

I am currently attending the Columbus College of Art and Design and will graduate next spring with a fashion design degree. I have a wonderful family who loves me and supports all that I do. I love to create, design, and inspire.

Modern Meets Vintage

Two words I love are modern and vintage. It’s two things I strive to bring into all the work I do. I love research, history, telling a story, and being able to bring it to life in a garment.
This collection was inspired by all the things that surround me in my life with a touch of storytelling to produce an eclectic collection.
There is the part of me that drifts off and day dreams about fairy-tales full of Kings and Queens. Then it is soon interrupted with harsh reality of sewing for 12 hours straight, getting kids from school, making dinner, and taking care of the animals only to go to bed that night knowing you will wake up in 5 hours to do it all over again (but worth every bit of it to bring your fantasy to reality).
I have put sweat, tears, and my heart into this collection. I am truly proud of myself for bringing it to life and being able to share it.
Here is to many more to come, Cheers.






Special thanks to:
Photography by Nick Fancher

Make-up and Hair by Leigh Ann Ehmann

Model Danielle Dikeman of Heyman Talent


Drawing not necessary to attend art school.

What actually is art? I believe it comes from within. My kids make art. My youngest might glue cotton balls, beads, string, something she found on the sidewalk on our way to school, arrange it thoughtfully on her paper and voila!! a masterpiece. I design clothes by drafting a pattern or draping a form and then sewing them together, again a form of art. Don’t get me wrong drawing is helpful at art school, but what I have just figured out how to do is interpret drawing in to my own form of art. It took me 3 years to figure out how to achieve this, but 2 months before I graduate I think I found my form of media.

What makes it difficult for me draw? I am a gal who likes order, following directions, and I think way to much about the process. Most people that I observe at school due none of the above and that is okay for the both of us, but those are the qualities that make it easy for me to design clothes. For me this is such a worthy subject because I have stood next to (with a drawing,not so good) the best of the best. Meaning I go to get a snack and come back and it looks like they just illustrated a front cover of a novel with a magical unicorn and King Aurthur pulling the sword from the stone (not joking) . I think it is important to not get discouraged and keep trying new medias, mixing medias together until something works for you. So that being said, here’s my recent project of a suit ad.


create, design, and inspire

Three words I always want to live by. Ever since I can remember I have always wanted to create. As I child I crafted, painted, turned everyday objects into art, and constantly made outfits for my barbies from whatever I could find. My world was filled with inspiration. My grandma painted wonderful oil landscapes, drew portraits, and played music by ear from at least three different instruments. My Grandfather was a true innovator, skilled welder, (who just so happens to have a few things on the moon), and a successful small business owner. My mother has this wonderful talent of placing anything together and making it beautiful as a whole, cut and sculpted hair, and sewed from when she was a child.They constantly surrounded themselves in every art form imaginable, whether they were aware of it or not. My design aesthetic has blossomed from those around me one can say it runs through my veins. They have encouraged, supported, and invested into my future. I now realize as I look back how these elements together have shaped me and built me to create, design, and inspire in all that I do.

Through my posts, pictures, and creations I hope to keep encouraging myself and others to do the same.